Valued. Treasured. Loved. God is Powerful

A couple of years ago I was leading at an FCA camp at The University of North Carolina Wilmington. I’m going to make a very long story, very short.

On the second or third night of the week, I forget which, I was just finishing up a prayer walk with some students. We had just seen God begin to move in the hearts of students, in a way I have seen him do countless times: man preaches, God moves, students respond. As I was praying I told God something rather bold, this was perhaps even too forward of me. I told God, that I wanted more. That I was expecting more. Not that God owed me anything or had anything to prove to me! I told God that I had seen him move in this way again and again, but I also knew he was more powerful than what I had seen. I asked God, “show me something I have never seen you do before.” Draw students to yourself, like never before.

That night, I’m sitting around the common area, playing along on my canjon as a student leads some worship. Little by little, more and more students join our circle. Little by little, the atmosphere begins to change. Before I can even understand what has happened, these young men are standing up and praying for each other. They are confessing sins to the whole group: “I’ve been struggling with porn for 3 years,” “I’ve become addicted to cigarettes,” and more. This was the most amazing night. For the next few hours, students encountered God for the first time. They fell to their knees in praise and worship of him. And get this: I had yet to say a word. No leader had said a word. God had shown up and you could feel it. He was moving in a way I had never seen him move before. 

1 Kings Chapter 18 contains a story featuring the Prophet Elijah. The people of Israel have gone astray, as they often do, and begun to worship the god Baal. Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal. Both sides will prepare and offering, and call upon their God to ignite the pile. The prophets of Baal prepare a sacrifice, and call on Baal to ignite the pile. To no avail. Verse 26 says "they called on the name of Baal from morning till noon" with no response.

Elijah, takes his offering and soaks the wood in water. Have you ever tried to light wet wood? It doesn't work. But he calls upon God to ignite the offering, and fire from heaven rains down and ignites the pile.

Do you understand the power and the might of God? We are talking about a being who created everything. Think about the complexity of a shark’s senses, the in depth ability of a Dog to learn. Could you have designed that? Could you have planned it? Yet it exists. How mighty must that creator be. Yet, he still responds to the prayer of us on earth. He answered mine at UNCW. He answered Elijah’s. He will answer yours. Ask him today for what you want most, whatever that is. When its for his glory, hes likely to answer it. Ask him to make his heart your heart. Ask him to do something in your life that he has never done in it before. He’s powerful enough to do it.

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