Valued. Treasured. Loved. God is Perfect.

In High School, I went to Camp Bigstuf in Daytona Beach, Florida. There is this guy named Andy Stanley, he’s a pretty well known pastor, who every year would speak. One year, I remember this line he kept repeating: The most important thing about you, is what you think about, when you think about God.

Human nature is to ignore the big questions if they seem too difficult. But in the end, if there is a God, shouldn’t we want nothing more than to seek him? So we cannot stand away from these questions, not if we want to seek knowledge and truth. So the question is, what do you think about when you think about God? Do you think things like “he loves me,” “he values me,” “I’m his child,” or are your thoughts more “he expects perfection,” “I must improve for him,” “he is angry with me.” I find that as you dive into the depths of God's word, you begin to learn more about who God is and as a result how he relates to us. That's what I'll be covering over the next few weeks in posts titled "Valued. Treasured. Loved." Today, we look at the story of Job.

Last year, my two best friends and I drove across the country to Denver, Colorado. We crossed the border from Kansas and entered some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. We were running on fumes so pulled over at the nearest exit to get some gas. Turns out we were right outside the small town of Crook, Colorado. On the other side of Crook, is a two lane road which runs along parallel to the interstate. If you know me at all, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we abandoned the interstate in favor of the two-lane. As we were driving along this road, the only car out there, the sun began to set on the valley. I was compelled to stop the car, right in the middle of the road. We got out, stood and sat in silence and watched as the sun went down. It was the most beautiful of sights. There was nothing man made in our view, the landscape was untouched, it was just as it was created. It was perfect.


In the book of Job, we see the story of a man of great wealth and prosperity. Who, having had everything taken away from him, begins to question and accuse God of imperfection. How, after all, could a perfect God allow such wounds to be inflicted upon him. Job thought he was blameless and without sin, he was wrong. That is not what I want to turn your attention to. Instead, at the end of the story, God answers Job. He tells Job to stand still, for He has some questions. God then tells Job, and us, about his perfection and power. He cites everything from His control of the lightning, to His gentle care of the lion’s cubs. God’s perfection is beyond dispute. Logically, if God exists, he must be the most perfect being to have ever existed. He defines what perfection is.  The band Ghostship has a great song, "Where Were You," that tells this story well. Listen below.

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